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Truth About Kali Muscle Steroids

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kali muscle steroids

Kali Muscle is a bodybuilder and a YouTube Sensation in which people with gym backgrounds follow a great time.

With 250 lbs of raw muscle, Kali Muscle claims to be the natural bodybuilders but his friends in prison say otherwise, according to them Kali Muscle exceptional musculature ramen and tuna cocktail is the most anabolic thing they have ever seen in prison. 

Yes, that’s right, Kali Muscle did 7 years in prison for Bulgari, but the guy is clean now.

If you look at his YouTube account, there are 1.8 million fans who like to hear his stories behind the bars and how he managed to become such a heavy weight lifter. 

Kali Muscle is well-known for performing Callisthenic exercises by hanging to the random pole or something. You could also see Kali Muscle in several TV commercials.

Kali Muscle Life in Jail

Kali Muscle spent 7 excruciating years in Prison and the only thing he saw good in himself is his passion for fitness. Kali Muscle was pushed to introduce his first workout program which was basically built on Plyometrics since he wasn’t allowed to use weights. 

Since anything holding weight like bars could be used as a weapon, so Kali Muscle started doing exercise is his very own cell, eventually, hard works paid him off well.

According to him, he did work out religiously and most of his exercise involved:

  • Push-ups
  • Crunches
  • Bodyweight Squats
  • Burpees
  • Sit-Ups
Kali Muscle Life After Prison

After getting released from jail, Kali wanted to do something productive with his life so he started chasing his passion for fitness.

This exactly helped him as he won Mr. California contest in 2012 and landed on some acting roles. 

Today, Kali Muscle is a world-class motivational speaker and an inspiration to the young kids so they don’t go for the shortcuts in life and escape the prison for good. 

Kali Muscle has also written a book by the name Xcon to Icon. 

Later on, Kali Muscle gained popularity in several social media applications one of which is YouTube.

Today, he has almost 2 million YouTube followers where he talks about fitness and fitness only. One of the accusations on Kali Muscle is the use of steroids which his fans also concur. 

Kali Muscle Steroid Claims

kali muscle workout

Although Kali muscle claims to be natural few beg to differ.

Likewise, there may be reasons that some people are not so happy for him and want to take his image down. But let’s face the facts and find whether Kali Muscle is on Steroids or Natural. 

Kali Muscle Growth Over the Years

You can tell if a person has been using steroids by looking at their gains timeline, or the before and after pictures where his physique change dramatically.

There is a video on the Kali Muscle transformation on YouTube where he portrayed his body transformation results from 2009-2015. 

Back in 2008, Kali Muscle looked perfectly natural and huge, he had this small waist and small traps that you can notice.

Steroids users have exceptionally bigger traps since the trap area has more receptors than any part of the body. So there is a chance you will increase their size a big-time after start juicing. 

In the time duration of 8 years, Kali Muscle witnessed a huge transformation like huge vascularity effects, his body got bigger with the shoulders and bigger traps.

Lastly, his waist got bigger as well as bloated, now that’s the effect of some AAS. 

Steroids Kali Muscle Might Be Taking

The 2015 pictures of Kali Muscle have that synthetic looks that can have brought up only by these 2 fellows. 

  • HGH (Human Growth Hormone)
  • Insulin

Insulin in higher levels dilates the blood vessels so in terms of nutrition delivery your muscles get a ton of it. The result is increased vascularity and that’s the reason for most bodybuilders when they eat snacks. 

Bodybuilders like Kali Muscle uses insulin to increase the absorption of amino acid by the muscles, this will stimulate the protein synthesis.

The anabolic effect of HGH is lesser than the bulking steroids such as Dianabol, Anadrol, or Winstrol, HGH burns fat and builds muscle mass and this is what Kali Muscles might have inside them. 

Adding Dianabol or Winstrol would have ended up in catastrophic bulking effects which won’t suit on Kali.

HGH and Insulin go together and there is a scientific explanation behind this, a higher dose of HGH causes insulin resistance which limits the effectiveness of insulin.

This will end up as glucose build-up instead of transportation of nutrients to the muscle cells. As a result, Diabetes occurs.

How Can We Confirm Kali Muscle Steroids?

Kali Muscle has done several bodybuilding competitions which were National Physique Committee bodybuilding shows.

This is the baseline for bodybuilders who after winning this contest can compete in the IFBB. 

The NPC website shows no sign about it being a natural competition. And once you get to know some people related to that field, you must know most of the guys who are competing do JUICE. 

kali muscle weight loss

We can’t say Kali Muscle didn’t use steroids since he competed in the NPC. But it was world-class competitions like bodybuilding shows by INBA or BNBF, he would have to pass the lie detector, urine, and blood test to prove he’s clean. 

HGH Gut 

Kali had a little, close abdomen in 2007. Presently he has an enlarged gut (when he’s not taking in), which is regular in cutting edge muscle heads.

A great many people concur that the ’70s delivered the absolute most noteworthy, tastefully satisfying jokes ever.

Arnold, Frank Zane, Franco Columbu, and Lou Ferrigno are only a couple of symbols from that period.

These folks had the ‘great’ shape because of the fine equalization of enormous muscles and a little midsection. Not long after these folks resigned, weight lifters began utilizing HGH and insulin.

Thusly weight lifters became extensively greater, yet so did their midsection lines. 

Practically the entirety of the Mr. Olympia champions after Lee Haney in the ’80s had ‘HGH guts’ including Dorian Yates, Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler, and Phil Heath. Except for Dexter Jackson, who adventitiously is one of the littler folks in Mr. Olympia.

This steroid combo builds the size of your muscles, however your interior organs as well; including your heart, liver, and digestive tract. Kali Muscle has likewise built up an augmented digestive tract. 


In the video beneath, when Kali Muscle talks you’ll see/hear him wheeze for air in the middle of talking.

This is an indication of hypertension and happens because the body is endeavoring to build oxygen levels all through the body. This occurs because of not exactly the ideal bloodstream to the heart. 

Many anabolic steroids are known for creating pressure on heart valves which increase the chances of the heart attack.

HGH-X2 – Alternative to Potential Risky HGH Steroid

The crazy Bulk idea on Kali Muscle Growth has introduced a natural Somatropin induced formula. HGH-X2 is a plain legal steroid that contains natural ingredients to elevate muscle size, endurance, and strength. 

Usually, the consumption of Kali Muscle steroids such as HGH is increasing in number for which the safer version is available here. 

HGH-X2 is purchased online from Crazy Bulk official website.

One thing is for sure, the side effects brought by anabolic steroids will not bother you anymore. 

 There will be no high blood pressure, bloated belly, or acne on your face. 

Final Verdict – Is Kali Muscle on Steroids? 

Because of the proof, it appears as though Kali Muscle has taken steroids/peds. 

The most powerful or potential steroid he has ever taken is HGH.

is kali muscle natural

As far as medications utilized, insulin and HGH are likely used. I for one don’t see a few people’s choices to consume medications if they’re as of now using it normally.

Even though it shows up Kali isn’t being 100% genuine with his medication use, I don’t figure individuals should despise him since he’s presumably very much aware that if he somehow managed to concede he’s taking stuff, his fans would ride bikes as well.

Its easier to be the influencer than to keep this image the same for a definite amount of time. Kali Muscle has shown some significant improvements over the year but the use of steroids can do many things which takes many years doing naturally. 

Even if he didn’t use steroids, chances are the insulin intake or HGH pills are definitely on the list. 

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